James L. West Alzheimer's Center

Podcasts Available for Caregivers

Healthcare Professional Training Videos 1.00 Free Continuing Education Credit for Nursing, Social Work and Texas LCP

Video 1 - Understanding Dementia and the Role of the Healthcare Professional
for CE Credit for non-CE Credit
Video 2 - Dementia Therapies and Interventions: Role of the Healthcare Professional
for CE Credit or for non-CE Credit

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James L. West Alzheimer's Center (YouTube video)

What do you do if you suspect Alzheimer's? (YouTube video)

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James L. West is the preeminent center in North Texas for enhancing the lives of people with Alzheimer’s disease and supporting the healthcare professionals and loved ones who treat and care for them.

Compassionate, highly skilled residential services and day-care programs

Current and practical community education and caregiver support

Mentoring and training for medical professionals, graduate healthcare programs, and healthcare providers

Expert Knowledge for Greater Peace of Mind