Frequently Asked Questions About the Center

Who is your medical director and what are her qualifications?

Our medical director is Janice Knebl, D.O. Dr. Knebl is a nationally respected, board-certified geriatrician affiliated with the University of North Texas Health Science Center as a tenured professor of medicine. She is Chief of the Division of Geriatrics in the Department of Medicine and Chair of the National Board of Osteopathic Medical Examiners. Dr. Knebl specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of all types of dementia disorders. She makes rounds at James L. West at least weekly, attends family-care planning meetings and quality-improvement meetings, and is available around the clock to our nursing staff for consultation.

Can my loved one stay here the rest of their life?

Our system of suites is designed for the care of people from the early stages through the end of life.

Can residents go out overnight?

Of course, with the permission of their legally designated responsible party.

Can we have lunch or dinner at the Center with residents?

Absolutely. We encourage you to visit the Center whenever your schedule allows.

Do you have a dentist who will see my loved one at the Center, or will I still need to take them to appointments?

We try to provide as many services in-house as possible. We have services contracted with an optometrist, dentist, and podiatrist. Of course, you are welcome to pick up your loved one and take him or her to your own specialist.

How often do residents go out in the vans?

That varies based on the weather, what outside activities are available, and the ability of the individual resident to follow directions. The safety of your loved one is a top priority on outings.

What is the nursing staff-to-resident ratio?

That varies on each shift because of the varying degree of care required. But we try to stay close to 1:5 during the day.

How much staff turnover do you have?

The Center enjoys much lower staff turnover than most facilities. Approximately one-third of our staff has been here five years or more.