Daily Life

Life & Living at James L. West


Purposeful activities

Life at James L. West is designed to encourage and support residents and day-program participants to enjoy a life of activity and meaning throughout their journey.

When older adults with Alzheimer’s disease or related dementia have social activities and friendships, they are often more comfortable, less agitated, healthier, and happier.

Purposeful, meaningful activities bring a sense of duty, accomplishment, and increased self-esteem to our residents and day-program participants. Our programs focus on a combination of self-care and care of the surroundings: Residents might be encouraged to polish a mirror before using it to apply their makeup. Simple tasks, like folding and hanging clothes or sorting clothes by color and shape, help restore normalcy and are often very effective in increasing happiness and quality of life.


Music Therapy

A licensed music therapist visits the center several times a week. The sessions are not only entertaining, but they also encourage listening, cognitive skills, and physical play. Because residents at the Center are grouped in each suite by the stage of their disease, the music therapist visits each suite separately and varies the offerings accordingly.


The Club Concept

Daily living at James L. West centers on an exciting club concept. We tap into individual interests, hobbies, and even previous professional skills to connect with each person. Clubs include:

Art Club
Creativity often does more than survive dementia — it often blossoms anew. Members of the Art Club craft centerpieces and holiday decorations that all residents value and enjoy. To have time devoted to the successful completion of a project is a significant accomplishment and a great delight for our residents and day-program participants.
Auxiliary Club
Membership brings the chance to give back to our community as volunteers with a variety of projects. The Ladies’ Auxiliary Club has made lap blankets for residents in the more advanced stages of the disease at the Center, as well as nap blankets for children at the Presbyterian Night Shelter. The Gentlemen’s Auxiliary Club has finished toys for The Happy Factory that are given to underprivileged children.
Aviation Club
The Aviation Club was created to appeal to our many residents who are retired from local companies in the aviation industry, including Lockheed Martin, Bell Helicopter, American Airlines, and Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. Club members meet for activities that include studying old flight maps and airport directories, and reading short stories about aircraft and flying. Sessions have also featured talks from current pilots and trips to air shows.
Good Neighbors Club
We recognize that coming to live at James L. West is often a difficult transition for residents and their families. The Good Neighbors Club was created by residents to welcome newcomers. By offering a kind word and a welcome basket, current residents recognize their role as hosts and are empowered to reach out to their new friends. It’s a blessing for everyone involved.
Walking Club
Maintaining and increasing mobility is important to maintaining a good quality of life. Through the Walking Club, for both tortoises and hares, residents enjoy recreation and gain endurance. Families notice that their loved ones also gain greater confidence and improved self-esteem from participating in the club.