11th Hour Community Volunteer Training

Location: James L. West Center 1111 Summit Ave., Fort Worth TX 76102

  • Date: Monday 03/07/22

Time: 2:00 - 4:00pm


Registration is required.

Contact Hollie Glover at 817-877-1199 or hglover@jameslwest.org

The JLW 11th Hour program is designed to allow a specially trained volunteer to sit with residents during their final hours, to ensure that no one dies alone, and that everyone’s death is a sacred transition filled with grace. The team members provide companionship by being present and provided support to family members. They will sit in silent reflection, play soft music, provide a gentle touch, and offer prayers and readings. The team will create a peaceful and sacred environment for the resident and family to share their last hours together and say goodbye.

Benefits of being a JLW 11th Hour Volunteer: Team members help reduce the resident’s stress and anxiety and provide the family information, guidance, and emotional, physical and spiritual support.

Criteria to volunteer: Age 18 or older, must be able to pass background check, must adhere to all JLW volunteer policies, and complete a volunteer application packet.