Alzheimer's & Dementia Family Care Partner Training

Location: Online

  • Date: Thursday 06/10/21

  • Date: Thursday 06/17/21

  • Date: Thursday 06/24/21

  • Date: Thursday 07/01/21

  • Date: Thursday 07/08/21

  • Date: Thursday 07/15/21

Time: 11:00am - 12:00pm

This six-session training teaches proven techniques and interventions to successfully care for persons living with a dementia in a healthy manner. The six sessions cover in detail:

  • What to Expect    
  • Communication Part 1
  • Communication Part 2       
  • Daily Living & Home Safety
  • Reducing Care Partner Stress    
  • Planning for the Future

Care Partners who completed the training have reported an increased confidence in their caregiver abilities and felt reassured that their loved one is getting proper care.