Compassionate Touch® Coach Training

Location: James L West Center for Dementia Care

  • Date: Wednesday 06/10/20

Time: 8:30 am - 4:30 pm


Registration Details Coming Soon!

$395 per organization for 1 coach ($395 per additional coach. Additional coaches must be from the same organization/location)

$35 Training Pack- required purchase (Training pack required for each coach per organization/location)

What is Compassionate Touch®?

It is a powerful, skilled touch approach that evidence shows is an effective non-pharmacological strategy to reduce behavioral expressions in dementia and end-of-life care. The gentle, hands-on techniques were developed with busy care partners in mind, giving them a practical tool that’s easy to learn and integrate into daily care practices, while strengthening relationships with those they serve.

How Does It Work?

Compassionate Touch® is a cutting edge skilled touch program that:

Is Feasible - Uses existing resources | Easy for staff to learn | Practicality ensures sustainability

Is Effective - Eases physical and emotional distress | Promotes sleep | builds trust in caregivers | Provides a holistic personalized approach

Encourages Family Engagement - Provides a means for family to calm, comfort, and support their loved one | Enhances the family's experience as a member of the care team

Facilitates Staff Satisfaction - Reduces caregiver fatigue | Builds strong relationships | Aligns with person-centered core values and philosophy

Strengthens Marketability with a program that tangibly demonstrates commitment to culture change and staff development

Coach Training

Following the six-hour workshop, attendees are designated as Compassionate Touch® coaches and authorized to conduct the Compassionate Touch® program with staff members or families.

Who should become a Coach?

Any selected team members: Administrator, Memory Care Director, Marketing Liaison, Nurse, CNA leader, Social Worker, Activity Professional.


Your organization is licensed to use the Compassionate Touch® branded program and materials for one year with annual renewal

Coach Benefits Include:

● Secure, on-line access to materials, resources, and templates for program implementation and sustainability

● Lobby certificate

● Website badge

● Support throughout the license period including teleconferences; newsletters; articles; and online forum with other Coaches

● Recognition as an AGE-u-cate collaborative partner

Coaches are Empowered with a:

● Sustainable program for staff training and family engagement

● Plan for implementation

● Tool to track clinical outcomes and staff satisfaction

● Network of Compassionate Touch® coaches throughout the U.S.