Dementia Live® Coach Training

Location: James L West Center for Dementia Care

  • Date: Thursday 06/11/20

Time: 8:30 am - 4:30 pm


Registration Details Coming Soon!

$695 per organization/location for 1 coach

$225 per additional coach (additional coaches from same organization/location)

$335 Gear Pack - required purchase (minimum 1 Gear Pack required for each organization/location)

What is Dementia Live®?

Dementia Live® is a powerful yet easy to deliver real life simulation experience that immerses participants into life with dementia, resulting in a remarkable inside-out understanding of cognitive impairment and sensory change.

How Does It Work?

Participants are outfitted in specialized Gear and given a series of tasks to perform within an enclosed “Experience” area. The challenges and struggles one faces become very real to the participant, because they are experiencing it themselves. This triggers a heightened awareness and understanding for those with dementia. Following the Experience, a trained Coach meets with them in a unique “Empowerment Session” where participants obtain valuable tools to improve communications and care processes.

What is the benefit of the Authorized designation?

Eldercare providers (CCRS’s, Assisted Living/Memory Care, Councils on Aging, Home Health, Hospice, and Home Care Providers) may become designated DementiaLive Providers. With training, you can offer Dementia Live as ongoing staff training, share this with families and offer it as Community Education. These 3 components deliver multiple benefits to your organization. As an Authorized Dementia Live® Provider you will receive:

▪ Lobby Certificate

▪ Website Badge

▪ Listing as an Authorized Provider on the AGE-u-cate website

▪ Access to innovative dementia training resources from AGE-u-cate Training Institute through Coach Connections newsletter and Coach Calls

Who should attend training?

Administrators, Memory Care Directors, Marketing Liasons, DONs, CNA leaders, or anyone in the organization who will be a designated Dementia Live® Coach.

Coach Leaders will: 

●Gain a thorough understanding of successfully implementing the Dementia Live® Experience for sustainable use as staff training, family engagement, and community outreach

●Learn cutting edge, creative dementia training tools to help educate family and professional caregivers during the Dementia Live® Experience

● Obtain comprehensive instruction on staff training, outcomes tracking, marketing, and implementation of the program in a variety of settings