Stress-Busting for Family Caregiver of Persons with Alzheimer's & Dementia


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The Stress-Busting Program (SBP) for Family Caregivers™ is an evidence-based program that provides support to family caregivers of persons with dementia. It is proven to:

  • Improve the quality of life of family caregivers who provide care for persons with Alzheimer’s disease or other dementias.
  • Help caregivers manage their stress and cope better with their lives.

The Program

The SBP is a multi-component program where two certified facilitators met with a small group of caregivers (up to 8). The program is focused on education, support, problem-solving, and stress management. It takes a holistic approach addressing the emotional, physical, spiritual, and cognitive needs of the caregivers.  Participants meet for nine weeks, for 90 minutes per week.

Content includes topics of:                          Stress Management techniques taught:

  • Stress & Relaxation                                               Relaxation breathing
  • Coping with Stress                                                 Guided imagery
  • Greif, Loss & Depression                                       Meditation
  • Dealing with Challenging Behaviors                       Art
  • Positive Thinking                                                    Music
  • Taking Time for Yourself                                        Journaling
  • Choosing a Path of Wellness