Residential and Respite Care

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Residential Care

While there are many choices for residential memory care in our area, none match the West Center’s leadership in providing compassionate care and services that help the whole family, as well as help the community, understand and cope with the variety of dementia disorders affecting so many of our elderly. After 25 years serving the Fort Worth community, the West Center continues to be a pioneer in finding and advancing compassionate, best practices for the caring for persons with dementia throughout the entire course of the disease.

The West Center has always challenged the traditional model of nursing home care; understanding that a good life is more than just good care. Our pioneering approach starts with understanding each person – their personality, background and current needs – then designing a program of care that allows them to continue to flourish, and contribute as long as possible, while receiving the care services they need. Our residents are as active as possible, unencumbered by sedating medications, alert and eager to participate in the day’s activities. Our residents thrive because of our care.

We have five beautiful residential spaces providing home to 100 residents. Each unit is thoughtfully decorated with the particular stage of dementia in mind, from the color palette to the furniture selections. Opportunities for activity vary with each level of care, from library, music and computer spaces for early-stage households, to water walls, aquariums and other natural sensory experiences for those in the later stages of dementia. A beautiful outdoor terrace is available for residents and families to use for gardening, bird watching or just sitting and soaking up the warm sunshine.

Respite Care

Being a full-time caregiver is hard work. Sometimes you need a short-term break. We can help fill that gap from 5 - 30 nights. Short term residents enjoy all of the same care and services as our long term residents.

Life Enrichment

At James L. West our life enrichment goal is to continue to help individuals live their lives to the fullest. Our philosophy focuses on understanding who our residents and program participants were before dementia impacted their current skills, interests, and preferences. The focus is on what they are able to do now, rather than lost abilities. We have packed the life enrichment program full of therapeutic memory support activities that help lower anxiety, increase independence and the feeling of safety and purpose, decrease behaviors and enable residents to live life with dignity, respect and joy.

When creating a person centered approach to engagement, we ensure we meet all aspects of their wellness; their social, emotional, intellectual, physical and spiritual needs. Memory support activities that help meet these needs include woodshop, resident inspired birthday parties, Music and Memory, Bible study, a senior education series, Namaste Care to help reduce sun downing symptoms and many others. We understand that abilities will decrease and our team is educated on how to upgrade and downgrade activities based on those abilities and the level of engagement. We encourage and invite our family members to become a part of the program here at the West Center!








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Residential and Respite Care