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Residential Services

We have five beautiful residential spaces providing home to 100 residents.  Each residential unit is thoughtfully decorated with the particular stage of dementia in mind, from the color palette to the furniture selections.  Lively colors for early stage residents and more muted colors for those residents who need less stimulation.  Each unit also provides small conversation spaces which makes visiting with your loved one more enjoyable.


What is included?

Full medical and personal care services

State licensed nurses, certified aides, activity, dietary and housekeeping staff for each house

Life-enhancing activities tailored to each cognitive level

Over-the-counter medications and vitamins

Diabetic and incontinent supplies

Meals, snacks, housekeeping services, laundry and linen services



Our employees complete over 40 hours of training during their orientation.  They continue to receive instruction related to dementia and Alzheimer's residents throughout their employment.