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Dementia specialized short-term rehab is now available at James L. West Center for Dementia Care

Dementia specialized short-term rehab at James L. West

The James L. West Center for Dementia Care now offers Medicare-certified dementia specialized short-term rehab to people living with dementia.

When your loved one is living with dementia, choosing the right short-term rehab center is critical to a successful recovery from an illness, injury or surgery. It is vital that their caregivers are ready to meet their unique needs.

Many seniors require continued medical care, either at home or in a skilled nursing facility, after they are hospitalized for an injury or illness. 

According to the American Hospital Association, post-acute care is a growing and essential health and social service, accounting for more than $2.7 trillion of the personal health care spending, and almost 15% of total Medicare spending. 

Post-acute care is offered both inpatient and outpatient to support an individual’s recovery. It promotes optimum levels of physical, cognitive and emotional health.

Offering short-term rehab dementia care

Dementia adds to the challenges of recovering from an illness or injury. In 2023, the James L. West Center for Dementia Care expanded its services to include short-term rehab for people living with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia.

Dr. Cheryl Harding, PhD., president and CEO at James L. West, said adding dementia specialized post-acute care was another way to expand the center’s ability to serve people living with dementia in the Fort Worth area.

“This allows us to provide a short-term rehab for people with dementia that isn’t available anywhere else in North Texas,” Harding said. “It just seemed fair and natural to offer this service to people with dementia who live in the community and need short-term rehab before they can go back home.”

The experts at the James L. West Center are experienced in providing one-on-one therapy and specialized dementia care. 

“We develop unique and individualized therapy plans for those with dementia focused on building on remaining abilities and modifying environments to meet their special needs,” said Rebekah Pratt, Director of Rehab Services at James L West. “We take extra time to get to know and understand the individual, and then extra time to make progress towards the goals we want to achieve.”

What is short-term rehab?

Short-term rehab is around-the-clock therapeutic services and medical care provided in a non-hospital setting. Short-term rehab helps patients recover following an illness, injury or surgery.

Rehabilitation services provided include physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech-language therapy. Skilled nursing services also are provided. 

The goal of short-term rehab is to help a person regain function,return to their home and remain independent for as long as possible. A short-term rehab stay is typically three weeks or less.

What’s different about dementia specialized short-term rehab?

Providing therapy services to a person living with Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia requires creativity, flexibility and patience. It can also take longer before results are realized.

“The therapist might have to get extra creative to get participation, or find the right time of day, or go back multiple times a day to get the resident to participate in the therapy session,” said Pratt at James L. West. 

It takes a non-traditional approach because a person living with dementia has a harder time following directions and retaining information.

“We are much different because it takes extra patience and techniques that traditional rehabs might not have the time or training for,” Hardingo said. “Our therapists have specialized training giving them knowledge of various techniques that can increase patient outcomes.”

Family and caregiver engagement and communication are vital to the recovery process. James L. West’s educational offerings and support groups provide ongoing support for families and caregivers during and after their loved one’s short-term rehab stay.

A James L. West case worker walks alongside each family to guide the patient and his or her family through the process from beginning to end.

Do Medicare or Managed Care plans pay for short-term rehab?

Medicare Part A and most Managed Care (Medicare replacement) plans cover inpatient short-term rehab for a limited time if you have a qualifying inpatient hospital stay and a physician’s order.

You may also be eligible for a rehab stay if you’ve had a qualifying hospital stay within the past 30 days and are failing to thrive at home. 

Medicare and Managed Care plans are all different.  We are happy to verify your benefits for short term rehab and will help you understand how a rehab stay can help you or your loved one. 

For more information about dementia specialized post-acute care at James L. West, visit the Short-Term Rehabilitation page or call 817-877-1199 for more information.

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