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Dementia Care Education For Healthcare Professionals

James L. West partners with other experts in the dementia care field to offer research-based education for healthcare professionals in North Texas and beyond.

With in-person and virtual training options, James L. West is helping transform dementia care and educate families and professional caregivers about dementia and best practices while caring for those who are living with a dementia or Alzheimer’s diagnosis.

James L. West offers continuing education credits for social work, licensed professional counselor (LPC), and nursing. James L. West Center is an approved provider by the California Board of Nursing, Provider #CEP17594. Our programs comply with Texas Administration Code 718.509.

James L. West is certified to offer Dealing with Dementia Workshop – A Rosalynn Carter Institute for Caregiving program and is a certified coach trainer for the Dementia Live® simulation experience and Compassionate Touch®.

Extension For Community Healthcare Outcomes

Project ECHO (Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes) is a case-based, collaborative model of learning delivered via videoconference bringing advanced training and support to healthcare providers. 

An expert panel (“Hub”) delivers short lessons and group consultation on de-identified cases from long-term care communities (“spokes”). James L. West is an official ECHO Hub.

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James L. West Center offers two limited series ECHO programs:

What's Involved?

Healthcare Teams participate in tele-ECHO sessions to develop enhanced skills and best practices in an “all teach, all learn” virtual environment over an 8-week period. Each session includes:

Why Participate?

Dementia Live® Coach Training

Dementia Live® is a powerful, easy-to-deliver simulation experience that immerses participants into life with dementia, resulting in a remarkable inside-out understanding of cognitive impairment and sensory change. The program was developed by the Age-u-cate® Training Institute. James L. West is authorized to offer Dementia Live coach training.

How Does It Work?

Participants are outfitted in specialized gear and given certain tasks to perform in an enclosed “experience” area. The challenges and struggles one faces become very real to the participant, because they are experiencing them for themselves. This triggers a heightened awareness of and understanding for those with dementia. Following the experience, a trained Coach meets with them in a unique “empowerment session” where participants obtain valuable tools to improve communications and care processes.

What Is The Benefit Of The Authorized Coach Designation?

Senior care providers (CCRC’s, Assisted Living/Memory Care, Home Health, Hospice and Home Care) may become designated Dementia Live® Providers. With training, you can offer Dementia Live as ongoing staff training, share this with families and offer it as community education. These 3 components deliver multiple benefits to your organization.

Authorized Coaches Will:

Experience And Offer Dementia Live® In a Variety Of Ways!

Dealing with Dementia Workshop - A Rosalynn Carter Institute for Caregiving program

Approved for 4.0 CE Hours for Nursing, Social Work, & LPC  

The Dealing with Dementia program combines a workshop learning experience with a Dealing with Dementia Guide, a comprehensive reference for caregivers of people living with dementia.

The four-hour workshop introduces healthcare professionals to each section of the guide providing information on dementia, insights into the caregiving journey, how to develop a dementia-friendly environment, dementia behavior management, caregiver self-care, and selecting the best services and resources. The workshop highlights safety, problem-solving, communication, cultural diversity and handling stress. The aim of the workshop is to prepare participants to quickly and easily access the information they need from the guide when they need it.

Healthcare professionals have shown an increase in knowledge of dementia and an increase in their confidence to manage dementia behaviors acquired during their attendance at the workshop. The support provided by the Dealing with Dementia Guide continues and increases as participants refer to the information provided throughout their professional careers and personal lives.

Compassionate Touch Coach Training

Compassionate Touch® is a powerful, skilled touch approach that evidence shows is an effective non-pharmacological strategy to reduce behavioral expressions in dementia and end-of-life care. The gentle, hands-on techniques were developed with busy care partners in mind, giving them a practical tool that’s easy to learn and integrate into daily care practices, while strengthening relationships with those they serve. Compassionate Touch ® is a program of Age-u-cate. James L. West Center for Dementia Care is authorized to offer coach training.

How Does It Work?

Upon successful completion for coach training participants will become Compassionate Touch Coaches and authorized to conduct the Compassionate Touch® program with staff and family members.

Authorized Coaches Are Empowered With:

Experience & Offer Compassionate Touch® In a Variety Of Ways!

A license to use the Compassionate Touch® branded program and material will be available for one year with an annual renewal fee.

Dementia Care Training for Healthcare Videos - The Role of the Healthcare Professional

Three-part video series that examines best practices in treating and caring for persons with dementia and their families.

Understanding Dementia & the Role Of The Healthcare Professional

This interdisciplinary training video focuses on:

Dementia Therapies And Interventions

This interdisciplinary training video focuses on:

Improving Safety & Quality Of Life For Persons With Dementia & Their Families

This training video focuses on:

Dementia Therapies And Interventions

This interdisciplinary training video focuses on:

Improving Safety & Quality Of Life For Persons With Dementia & Their Families

This training video focuses on:

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