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A Good Life is More Than Good Care

The West Center has always challenged the traditional model of nursing home care; understanding that a good life is more than just good care. 

Our pioneering approach starts with understanding each person – their personality, background and current needs – then designing a program of care that allows them to continue to flourish, and contribute as long as possible while receiving the support and services they need.

Residents are as active as possible, alert, and eager to participate in a variety of activities throughout each day. James L. West residents thrive because of our care.

Continuous training and years of service have built a staff at the James L. West Center for Dementia Care that can care for the most difficult dementia diagnoses with compassion and expertise.

Staff members in every department receive initial and ongoing training in all aspects of care for many types of dementia disorders. Every resident is different, and our staff is skilled in discovering each resident’s needs and abilities, at every stage of their journey.

Senior Living Fort Worth TX

Spaces Designed With Success in Mind

We have six beautiful residential spaces providing homes to 112 residents. Each unit is thoughtfully decorated with the particular stage of dementia in mind. Even the smallest of details have been customized ranging from the color palette to the furniture selections.

Most residences have private and semi-private rooms with generous common areas, dining rooms, and culinary areas. Additional amenities vary by neighborhood and resident abilities, including a library, music, and computer spaces for early-stage households and water walls, aquariums, and other natural sensory experiences for those in the later stages of dementia.

A beautiful outdoor terrace is available for residents and families to use for gardening, bird watching or just sitting and soaking up the warm sunshine.

Activities Geared To Interests, Abilities

Opportunities for activity vary with each level of care,  and all activities are scaled appropriately to meet the needs of each resident. Activities are designed to engage residents and offer purpose and meaning each day. 

Additional life enrichment programs include art and music performances from some of North Texas’ most distinguished entertainers. 

Free Caregiver Education And Support Groups

James L. West offers free caregiver education and dementia caregiver support groups. Check out these in-person, on-demand and virtual opportunities.

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