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ECHO Session 6 – Safety, Support & Autonomy in Personal Care for Persons with Dementia

Ethics in Dementia Care ECHO

This session is part of an eight week ECHO series focusing on ethical matters surrounding the care of persons living with dementia to improve quality of life and better support healthcare professionals.

This series is open to any and all persons who provide direct or indirect care for persons living with dementia and their families in any care setting or home and community-based services.

When you register, you are registering for all eight sessions.

Week 6 – Heather Macchietto, MSDA – Safety, Support, and Autonomy in Person Care for Persons with Dementia

Topic Description:
Week 6 will cover how healthcare professionals can ensure the rights, dignity, and respect of persons with dementia using an ethical framework of justice, autonomy and beneficence.
1. Analyze resident’s rights in the context of a person living with dementia: how we as providers can ensure that the rights of the person living with dementia are protected, while managing risk and taking into consideration the opinion of other concerned individuals including responsible party, physicians, facility management.
2. Discuss the balance between maintaining independence and providing a supportive environment for someone living with dementia.
3. Create individualized strategies to aid the person living with dementia in being successful with their ADLs while ensuring dignity, respect, and health are optimized.

Contact Information
For more information or have questions, please contact Jaime Cobb Tinsley at jcobb@jameslwest.org

Certification & Credits
Up to 8 hours of CEU credits for Social Work, Nursing, LPC, Administrators in the State of Texas pending approval, and Certificates of Completion.

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