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James L. West Learn was created to provide a variety of quality educational online programming, support and resources for care partners.

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The following library of videos have real-life, practical skills caregivers can start using today. These videos are provided through our partnership with mmLearn.org, whose mission is to improve the quality of care and the quality of life of older adults by providing family caregivers, pastoral care providers and healthcare professionals with training and education based on evidence and best practices, using progressive technology and other advanced delivery methods:

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Our podcasts are available through Plaid for Women:

Caregiver Stress: Taking Time to Care for Yourself


Communicating with Your Loved One Living with Dementia


Do I really need a Caregiver Support Group?


Hospitalization of a Dementia Loved One


Real Life as a Caregiver


Keeping My Dementia Loved One Safe


Driving with Dementia.


Understanding Guardianship Part 1: When Loved Ones Can’t Take Care of Themselves With Judge Brook Allen


Understanding Guardianship Part 2: Services Available to Alzheimer’s, Dementia and Others Vulnerable in our Communities

Podcast & Video Library